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Why do you need Cialis and what you need to know before buying

Many of you may be familiar with Viagra, which is designed to treat male impotence and is widely used throughout the world. But did you know Cialis? The yellow pill that is considered even more effective than Viagra, and improves the quality of life of hundreds of thousands of men around the world? We will understand together why Cialis is needed, how this drug works, and we will know everything that is important to know before taking it for the first time.


For a start - how exactly does Cialis work?

To understand why it is necessary Cialis, you should understand what exactly this drug does. Let's start with the science behind the effectiveness of this drug. Cialis, or by its generic name Tadalafil, is a drug that affects and stops the action of an enzyme called PDE5. The same enzyme is part of the control system for smooth muscle activity in blood vessels throughout the body, and especially in the area of the male genital organ. When this enzyme is inhibited, as happens after taking Cialis, the smooth muscle in the blood vessel wall is expanded, thus allowing more extensive blood flow in the blood vessels affected by it. Although the mechanism of this drug was first developed for the treatment of hypertension, its main use today is to create an erection during sexual stimulation, among men suffering from impotence.


Why do you need Cialis, and what does it treat?

As we explained, Cialis treats conditions of male impotence. These situations are more common than you might think. If it ever happened that you didn't understand why you need Cialis so much, maybe you should find out that up to 75% of all men will suffer at one point or another in their lives from a transient state of difficulty in getting or maintaining an erection. For a considerable part of those men, this condition will become a permanent condition - due to age, chronic diseases, mental conditions or many other factors. Cialis works about half an hour after taking the drug, and the duration of action is very long compared to other drugs that work in a similar way.


Why do many men prefer to take Cialis?

The main reason that answers the question of why Cialis is needed, and the appearance of this drug in the first line in the treatment of impotence today, is its prolonged duration of action. Unlike drugs like Viagra, which must be taken quite often for a normal sexual routine, Cialis works in the body for up to 36 hours, and in fact it is recommended not to take it day after day. This is possible due to it being a drug with a longer half-life than the other drugs in this family, which is exactly what makes it the most convenient and preferred drug by many men today.


What should you know before buying Cialis?

After we understood why we need Cialis, we need to briefly touch on the side effects and instructions for taking the drug. The main side effect of Cialis is headaches. Apart from this, there may also be muscle pain, a feeling of congestion and bleeding from the nose and dizziness. Other side effects are rarer - but the user leaflet should be examined in detail before taking the medicine. In addition, Cialis has a fatal drug interaction with drugs from the nitrate family, and these drugs should not be taken together. In most cases, Cialis will not be prescribed for blood pressure patients or heart patients. Cialis is a prescription drug, which is only taken with a doctor's prescription.


What is the method of taking Cialis?

Cialis comes in the form of pills to swallow. When it is used to treat impotence (it is also given for pulmonary hypertension and prostate enlargement in a different way), Cialis is taken as needed, at least half an hour before intercourse. Taking this as needed is recommended not to occur day after day, since the action of Cialis lasts for about 36 hours.

Suffering from impotence? Cialis can provide a long-term and highly effective solution, in a medication routine that is more convenient than that offered by other drugs.

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