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This is how you will add passion to your life in old age

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A period that begins at age 50 can be viewed as an opportunity for personal growth and taking advantage of all age options. An interesting study published in the past shows that 901 TP1T from men and 701 TP1T from women in their 70s have sex at least once a month.


Treatment will be more difficult if the problem of the man's desire and attraction to his partner exists from the beginning of the relationship, and if the woman did not notice or did not want to pay attention to the problem so as not to endanger her relationship. In such a couple case, the man is aware of the problem and does not worry because he knows that he has no physical and functional problem, and denies the problem and even gets upset or tries to shorten the conversation and run away from it so as not to be exposed. In these cases, the man is not interested in having sex with his wife at all, and even if he sleeps with her, he does not invest and is only busy signaling "V".

Sexual desire is affected by tension and nerves, so it is easy to see how chocolate helps create a healthy sexual urge. To ensure that our body secretions have a good smell and taste during intercourse, sweet and acidic foods like oranges, lemons, mangoes and pineapples should be preferred while avoiding spicy and spicy foods.

Conversations about sex have always been and will always be a part of our daily routine. The discovery of sexuality is a natural process in which we learn to connect to our body. Men and women, falling in love and intimacy, intersecting stares in the street, romance, erotica and the act of love. The libido, the sexual instinct, is the one that will make us want to connect together.

The feeling that only you desire while she does not want you at all is a depressing and discouraging feeling, and directly causes a decrease in desire and the cessation of initiative. It is truly the true passion killer that leads to the most common sexual desire. Anger is created as a result of their expectations in various areas that do not materialize, and they feel frustrated because of them. When there is already harm to sex, it is mostly indicative of desperation and helplessness and an inability to solve the marital problems in any other way. It is of course important to channel the anger in other directions and learn what to do with it, otherwise the damage to sex is irreversible after a while.

The man will increasingly feel that he has to fulfill a duty and this will make sex for him a binding task instead of something fun and liberating. Some men develop relationships with a divorcee who has children, and they sometimes shy away from sex because of the thought that they might find themselves a "stepfather" to her children, and this deters and frightens them.

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