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Methods for pleasuring women - how to make her cum

If your partner blames your technique for her lack of orgasm, ask her to tell you, or better yet, show you how she wants you to delight her. But between us (and look surprised) the most important thing you can do as a man within a relatively sexual system is find ways to add more stimulation to the clitoris. We will now examine this a little more in depth and learn some techniques that will ensure that your girl will have one of the most powerful orgasms she has ever experienced.

The best way to help her reach orgasm

To achieve her orgasm, fingers is the best way because you can stimulate her G-spot with your fingers. When you touch her vagina or clitoris with your finger, it is enough to bring her to orgasm. But you will just need patience because it can take about 15 minutes. Plus minus that every woman is different. But stimulating the clitoris and G-spot is the promised way to make her tremble with a powerful orgasm. Another tip we're atKamagra Israel Can give you is to incorporate in the process dirty conversations occasionally and lots of hugs throughout the evening, it will bring your lady much faster to orgasm. Men who want to give their wife full, quality sex and with orgasm - have to perform a number of actions, among other things due to the fact that many women fake the orgasm out of a desire to satisfy the man, but forget that they too should enjoy. Prior to any sexual contact it is recommended to have a conversation with the woman as part of the desire to glorify the woman's self-esteem and as a direct result also the general feeling in sex. Give her the full attention she deserves. If there is pain or dryness in the area, it should be checked by a sexologist and resolved.

Fake orgasms

If a woman has all kinds of restraints with herself, such as a problematic body image or negative messages about masturbation or sex, she will not be released in a state of sex with a partner - and an orgasm will certainly not occur. Sexologists and experts explain that historical restrictions imposed on women have created the tendency of women to fake orgasms. Let us remember that until a few decades ago the status of the woman was inferior to that of the man, and as a result many women do not refer to their pleasure, but only to the pleasure of the man.

What makes women cum?

Because sex becomes a heavy and serious project that produces communication problems between the couple - many women give up ejaculation. A man who wants to give his wife quality sex with orgasm, must first understand that in women a very large part of the satisfaction is related to consciousness and thought. Women have a lot of chores to perform before sex, from making sure the cycle is over to plucking hair from all sorts of hidden places in the body. So that we men are also able to devote a few minutes to the planning and thought of the act and especially everything that precedes it. What we need to give to our partner before Amazing performance in bed They first of all feel confident, non-judgmental, and come with an open mind with a desire to try new things. These qualities are liberating, and a much sexier sense of release than dice in the stomach. The male orgasm is really not a line for ending sex. We must also take care of a partner who shares with us this romantic and special experience. One of the best ways to get a woman to orgasm is through oral sex that can be performed as a foreplay before intercourse or as the main act. If this does not suit you, the second best option is through the use of fingers and manual stimulation of the clitoris, as we wrote at the beginning of the article.

So what did we have?

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