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Lod is a city in Israel with about 81,873 inhabitants. Lod began as an outpost of the ancient biblical town of Lod. It was founded at the Tel Rehov site on the slopes of the Carmel, about 10 kilometers northwest of Acre. The city was first mentioned historically in the 14th century BC as a month, but only in 1928 did it become one of the five cities in the Mandatory Land of Israel with an Arab majority. Today, Lod is a city with an Arab majority that has both Jewish and Arab neighborhoods.

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More information about the city of Lod

Lod is a large city in Israel. It is located northeast of Tel Aviv, just south of the Yarkon River. The said population in Lod is over 80,000. The population of Lod has always been diverse due to its location near the border between two different ethnic groups - Jews and Arabs.

Lod is part of the Tel Aviv metropolitan area

Lod is one of the four main cities in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area. Lod is located between Tel Aviv and Ben Gurion Airport, a 10-minute drive away.

The history of Lod dates back some 7000 years to the Bronze Age. There are many archeological sites in Lod where you can visit an old water tower built on top of a hill from which there is a great view of Tel Aviv and offers a great place for bird watching.

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