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Kamagra with the approval of the Ministry of Health?

Is there a permit from the Ministry of Health for the sale of Kamagra?

In recent years a variety of new products have entered our lives. Suddenly different and weird products appear on the shelf, they of course gain multiple PR and we are left only to wonder if indeed the use of those products can contribute to us and improve our lives. After all we have all experienced such and such disappointments and false promises, and above all there is always concern about the level of safety of a new product that we bring into our lives. This is also the case when it comes to a generic Viagra preparation such as Kamagra Gel, so in order to help you make an informed decision in our case, we will check whether there are approvals from the Ministry of Health. For sale Kamagra - And if there are none, what is the reason for this?

Kamagra gel contains almost identical ingredients to the famous Viagra product, which is approved for use by the Ministry of Health and the FDA (US Drug and Food Administration), and the active ingredient in both is sildenafil so you can be safe and calm when you buy Kamagra Oral Jelly Because the safety level of the product should be the same as that of Viagra. In fact, just as Viagra is permissible for use by the Ministry of Health, so we believe that Kamagra is also entitled to the same coveted status, except that we do not work in the Ministry of Health and we do not make these decisions.

Why is Kamagra not yet approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health?

1. Cheap and unapproved imitations by the Ministry of Health - Many imitations of Kamagra originating in China, Turkey and other countries have entered Israeli territory in recent years and because of this it is understandable why the Ministry of Health "stood on its hind legs" and decided to ban the distribution. A generic substitute for Viagra and although it is actually manufactured by an international pharmaceutical company which deserves full trust. Indeed, the sad reality is that a number of "importers" do not resort to measures that endanger public health, as reported in the media in recent years on KAMAGRA gel bags that were seized and confiscated - as well as delay sprays and desire drops that received similar treatment. We emphasize that in contrast to the products sold byKamagra Israel'- The preparations seized are counterfeit, not approved for use by any party, and may endanger public health.

2. Bureaucracy - Obtaining international approvals for a new drug is a process that takes years. In order to gain the trust of a body such as the US FDA, in-depth and long-term clinical trials must be conducted. Because Kamagra, certainly relative to Viagra, is a fairly new drug in the world of treatment and enhancement of sexual function - these processes have not yet been completed and therefore the Israeli Ministry of Health, which relies heavily on European and American standards, is currently not in a position to give official approval. For use by offices and parallel bodies in the Western world. It should be noted that in India, for example, the preparation is sold without any problem, so it is among other things the standards of each and every country in the field of new drug approval procedures.

The position of the Ministry of Health regarding the import of medicines (or: why do we still sell Kamagra gel)

Although there are restrictions on the personal import of medicines in Israel, first of all they have never been fully enforced. Second of all - nowadays, packages that arrive by mail from abroad with medical preparations do not require approval from the Ministry of Health. What is required is the recipient's signature on a statement in which he confirms that he has a doctor's prescription (if required), and that the preparation does not contain a dangerous drug. The recipient also declares that the preparation is intended for consumption for a period of up to three months and is intended for personal consumption. In addition, the importer / patient is required to declare that the use of the product is the full responsibility of the recipient, and that in everything related to the use of the drug, he has no and will not have complaints against the Ministry of Health and / or lack of supervision and enforcement on his part. This is in fact a significant change in the Ministry of Health's policy, which has become more permissive in recent years with regard to the import of medicinal products - but this change has not received real publicity in the media,

How can Kamagra be purchased with complete discretion?

Were you able to look yourself in the eye (in the mirror) and admit that you have a problem? The hard part is behind you and you are already on your way to the solution. However, there is of course a difference between acknowledging the problem and finding a practical and practical solution. Going to the pharmacy and out of the blue asking the pharmacist about Viagra substitutes such as Kamagra is still a task that for most men sounds threatening and detached from reality. Indeed, this imaginary scenario is not far from reality. Most of the chances? Not only will the pharmacist have a hard time understanding what you are asking of him, but the very question can be very embarrassing as pharmacies do not always allow privacy for customers who often stand in a rather crowded queue and hear everything that is said between the pharmacist and the customer receiving the service. If you feel this way, know that you are not the only one in this frustrating situation. In fact, many men avoid finding a solution to problems in their sex life precisely because of these reasons. On the plus side, let us tell you that through the internet you can discreetly purchase Viagra substitutes that will sharply and completely improve your abilities in bed. We at Kamagra Israel are here to make all the excuses for you. Buy Kamagra too in complete secrecy and start enjoying full and satisfying sex again, full of passion and without any worries.

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