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Foods that contribute to sexual function according to science and Judaism

Accompanied by foods associated with a normal sex life, improving sex life is made easier. These foods contain ingredients that are sometimes also used in the pharmaceutical industry to improve fertility, libido, and cure impotence. Curious to find out which foods are able to boost sex life and which foods will do just the opposite? You have come to the right article. BKamagra Israel The main solution we offer for improving sexual function is Kamagra gel. At the same time, it is important for us to encourage our clients to incorporate in the right lifestyle habits such as a healthy diet, exercise and more, as these too can contribute greatly to sexual and general health.

What is the connection between normal sexual function and nutrition?

Certain foods contribute to normal blood flow throughout the body and to the genitals and reproduction in particular, as well as to increasing sexual desire and fertility. Antioxidants, fatty acids and amino acids - they are all nutrients that have the ability to positively affect blood circulation in the body organs, including the genitals and reproduction in women and men. Good blood supply to the genitals and reproduction is an important parameter that affects the quality of sex.

Strong proof of the link between sexual function and blood flow can be found in a position paper of the Israeli Cardiology Association citing studies according to which impotence and erectile dysfunction are predictive factors for the onset of vascular disease, cardiovascular disease and even premature mortality. Men who suffer from impotence or erectile dysfunction have been found to be at higher risk of having a heart attack and stroke for example.

7 foods that will improve your health - sexual and general

Red wine

The red wine boosts blood flow thanks to the flavonoids, which contain powerful antioxidants such as reverstrol and quercetin that improve blood flow to vital organs including genitals and reproduction.

About 800 women aged 18 to 50 participated in a study conducted on the subject in Italy. They were divided into three groups. Group A consumed moderate red wine (1-2 glasses per day), Group B did not consume wine at all and Group C consumed red wine and additional alcohol in high doses. The results were impressive - in group A, better sexual function, an increase in sexual desire, and better lubrication (fewer conditions of vaginal dryness) were generally reported than in the women in the other two groups.

The Gemara also states that wine increases sexual desire. Maimonides also sees wine as an effective tool for improving function and sexual desire as long as it limits its drinking to the time after eating (and preferably also after bathing) - according to Maimonides the wine dilates blood vessels and increases sexual desire: And the arteries will be filled with a great and good iodine and therefore it will come to a boil. ”


Red meat contains a variety of proteins and amino acids. One of them is arginine, which contributes to the relaxation and dilation of blood vessels as well as increasing blood flow in the male and female genitals. The result is better sexual function and of course more enjoyable.

Arginine is one of the 20 most common amino acids in nature. And for the vegans we built we can fortunately purchase nutritional supplements that contain arginine.

In 10 different studies, under arginine treatment, the sexual function of men suffering from different levels of erectile dysfunction was examined, and a significant improvement in sexual function was found in all its aspects - from the level of sexual satisfaction, to orgasmic function to the strength and duration of erection. It is interesting to note that the libido score (sexual desire) remains unchanged.

What kind of meat is this? In principle, it refers to all meat, including fish and poultry.


Fish is also rich in omega 3 in addition to arginine and the rest of the amino acids in them. Omega 3 is a quality fatty acid that is associated with protecting blood vessels and improving circulation, which also contributes to a healthier sex life. In the Gemara it appears that a fish "fertilizes" a person's body. The vegans we have built will be happy to know that this fatty acid is also present in plants, for example in flax seeds, walnuts, and more.

Increased sperm count and testosterone levels in men who consumed fish oil for 3 months, these are results demonstrated in a study conducted in Denmark.


Maimonides mentions the carrot as one of the vegetables associated with strengthening the strength of the man.
Studies have found that the chemical that gives carrots the orange color, the carotenoids, is able to improve the amount and quality of the sperm (swimming of the sperm). At the University of Rochester in the United States, they examined how carrot consumption affects about 200 young men and found a direct link between high carotene levels and higher quality semen. The researchers conclude that carotenoids may contribute to sperm quality.

Hot Pepper

Capsaicin is the ingredient responsible for the spiciness of chili pepper as well as other types of pepper and of course it can be found in self-defense pepper spray. Capsaicin releases hormones that promote relaxation - endorphins that soothe a feeling of calm and enhance sexual desire. Studies have found a link between eating spicy foods and higher testosterone levels in the blood - a hormone that raises the level of attraction and sexual satisfaction.

Seeds and nuts

Hazelnuts, peeled almonds, peanuts, pecans, walnuts, seeds such as pumpkin and sunflower seeds and sesame seeds, are rich in ingredients that improve sexual function such as arginine and zinc, which contributes to increasing testosterone levels in the body.


Why is garlic considered a natural antibiotic?
Maimonides saw the types of onions, including the onion of garlic, as a factor that strengthens the The male power. The garlic we all use in the kitchen is mentioned in the Gemara as a food that "multiplies seed" and "brings in love."

Garlic has great potential for improving fertility, presumably due to the powerful and unique antioxidants it contains, according to an analysis of 18 scientific studies that have pointed to the potential of garlic to improve sperm quality, testosterone levels and testicular structure.

Other foods that Maimonides mentions in this context: Mint and mint mentioned as my husband A virtue for improving fertility and sexual function, As well as beans and peas, grapes and dates.

Foods that can harm sexual fitness

So far we have mentioned what to eat in order to improve fertility and sex life, it is also worth knowing what to avoid.

Dimedic recommends avoiding foods high in salt, sugar, and trans fat because of their ability to harm the proper functioning of blood vessels, the blood flow itself in the body and as a result they can cause For decreased sexual function.

In the Gemara, salt is mentioned as one of the 8 factors that reduce sperm. Lettuce, zucchini, watermelon and lentils are mentioned by Maimonides as foods that cool the body, which also recommends avoiding eating sour foods, especially vinegar.

Do not avoid food

Extreme hunger, for example as during fasting, impairs sexual function. In the Gemara in Tractate Gittin it is written that hunger is one of the eight factors that diminish semen. According to Maimonides, fasting is one of the conditions that "very much eliminates the urination and reduces the amount of semen."

We hope you have contributed to your knowledge about nutrition and proper sexual function.

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