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Treatment of sexual dysfunction problems

As men, our normal sexual function - similar to the general physical function - depends on the health of the body on its various organs and parts. In order for there to be a problem with sexual function, sometimes it is enough to have a disorder in one of the systems or components of the body. Most men who start to see a decrease in their sexual fitness usually find themselves surprised by the situation, as none of us plan to get into such a situation.

Sexual dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction in men occurs for two main reasons; Physiological and mental causes and sometimes even a combination of the two. The content can be found for a wide variety of reasons - medical or emotional.

Physiological causes that can cause sexual dysfunction

Risk factors for decreased sexual function include the following factors: diabetes, cardiovascular disease, use of medications (such as antidepressants or anti-baldness medications), prostate removal, decreased testosterone levels in the body.

In fact, among men who suffer from symptoms related to sexual dysfunction there is a relatively high incidence of cases with low testosterone levels. Hence testosterone is important for proper sexual function.

It is interesting to know that a deficiency of this hormone appears in direct proportion to smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol, inactivity and mental stress. A person suffering from testosterone deficiency will usually suffer from the following symptoms: apathy, memory loss, weakness, fatigue, decreased libido, tendency to obesity, and erectile dysfunction.

Mental causes that can create problems with sexual function

Here we are talking mainly about a tense or depressed mental state. Other psychological causes include low self-esteem, relationship problems, misconceptions about sexuality and cultural and environmental influences.

When we talk about the effect of mental state on sexual function, it is important to understand that the effect is two-way. That is, sexual dysfunction - when left untreated, they can worsen over time and can lead to the creation or exacerbation of stressful situations and even depression.

Each of the above factors, whether mental or physical can produce a negative and dramatic effect on a man’s ability to function.

What are "sexual dysfunction problems"? How is this manifested in practice?

As the years go by and the information becomes more accessible and transparent, it becomes clear that problems with sexual function are not as rare a phenomenon as was previously thought. It is now clear that no man is immune to the manifestation of one or more of the symptoms associated with sexual dysfunction.

Even though we live in an age of higher sexual openness than before, for most men being exposed and openly telling about problems and difficulties in functioning is still an option that does not really exist - because of the fear of criticism, and the very sensitivity of the issue.

There are a wide variety of sexual dysfunction problems - both men and women suffer from. Among men, these problems include problems related to decreased libido, problems reaching full erection, impotence, problems reaching orgasm, problems maintaining erection over time, problems of premature ejaculation, decreased libido and more.

Each of these sexual dysfunction problems is fraught with difficulties and discomfort and does not bring much happiness to those who suffer from it - and you will be surprised to know that almost a third of men suffer from this or that sexual dysfunction problem (a permanent problem). If that is not enough, one can learn from studies conducted on the subject that one in two men is going to have a problem with sexual function - whether on a one-time basis or in a repetitive way.

Treatment of sexual dysfunction problems

If you suffer from a recurring problem with sexual function, you must first understand whether it is a psychological, psychological or physical physical cause (sometimes it is a combination of the two). It is of utmost importance to diagnose the source of the problem in order to tailor the treatment.

Therefore, it is recommended to start the route with a urologist who has undergone a subspecialty in sexual function. In order to diagnose the source of a sexual dysfunction problem. While it is not the most pleasant to be exposed in this way but there is no real reason to feel shame or embarrassment from the subject.

A urologist diagnoses each patient individually as two men may have the same problem, but the cause of the problem may be different. The fact that in men the reproductive system and the urinary system are in the same place, makes the diagnosis in a professional factor a necessary thing. When you go to a urologist, the diagnosis you will receive will be comprehensive, and depending on the symptoms, systems such as the bladder, urethra, kidneys, testicles, sperm duct, and more will be examined.

Another benefit of visiting a urologist is that even if the cause of the sexual dysfunction is not physical, it is still important to start with a professional diagnosis in order to rule out these factors. If the doctor who examined you denies a physical problem and speculates that the problem is due to some mental background, he will already take care of referring you to a person who specializes in psychology and will not give him a prescription. The good news in this regard is that you can consult a psychologist or psychiatrist who specializes in sexual function.

The type of treatment for men who suffer from a decrease in sexual function varies from person to person and depends on many factors, including the physical and mental condition of the patient. Depending on the cause or causes of the problems and their severity the appropriate treatment for the patient should be tailored.

Kamagra Gel - a quick solution for those suffering from sexual dysfunction

In parallel with the traditional channel described above, intended for men with a chronic problem that requires professional attention - there is also a shortened route that is suitable for men of all ages, provided they do not suffer from liver, kidney, heart disease or high or low blood pressure.

The pioneering drug in this field of treatment is of course the "Viagra" which paved the way for spot treatment of sexual dysfunction problems - easy, fast treatment that is considered safe and effective. In recent years, with the expiration of Viagra's original patent, Viagra substitutes have emerged that are similarly beneficial in improving sexual performance.

Kamagra Gel

One of those preparations is none other than "Kamagra Gel”Which allows for solving many common problems in the field of sexual function, whether it is erection problems and / or rapid ejaculation problems, which can impair sexual function and sex life. The use of Kamagra original gel for the treatment of sexual dysfunction problems has gained momentum in recent years and today it is already possible to announce a new star in the sky of preparations for the treatment of impotence and strengthening the male erection.

It is important to remember that if you suffer from a sexual dysfunction problem - chances are that this problem does not only affect you personally, but radiates to your partner and the entire environment as enjoyable and satisfying sex is associated with overall health, optimism, and joy of life. So when we talk about treating sexual dysfunction problems we are actually talking about improving the quality of life in the broadest sense of the word.

In conclusion, if you "carry" any sexual dysfunction with you, we strongly recommend that you stop everything and consider what treatment is right for you. If you are interested in examining the problem in depth in a professional manner - make an appointment with a urologist and advance the matter. In case you want to enhance your abilities and performance in bed for a few hours at a time - preparations such as Kamagra have been created especially for these situations, so you can relieve yourself and close the corner today!

As you probably know - there is no price for a happy relationship, perfect satisfaction and the pleasurable sexual experiences that can only be achieved through improved sexual function. Now the knowledge and power are in your hands - feel free to continue from here.

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