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קבל מתנה בכל קנייה בקמגרה ישראל מעל 379 ₪ עם הקופון: GET4

Kamagra 7 units

Kamagra Original Gel

Excellent performance in bed within quarter of an hour  Order here original kamagra over the counter The effect of the product lasts 4 to 6 hours for long and maximum pleasure  Kamagra allows an easy and quick return to routine without unnecessary side effects • Discretion is guaranteed

Kamagra without a doctor's prescription

Your health is important to us!
At Kamagra Israel, the official importer, we will never sell a product without absolute certainty about its originality and quality.

Kamagra must be purchased through us ( Beware of imitations) to ensure buying Kamagra Original 100%.

We work directly with the manufacturer of Kamagra, Ajanta Pharma, which is a valued international company with FDA approvals.

Original Kamagra gel has a sweet and delicious taste (in contrast to fakes that have a bitter taste and low effectiveness).

Fast effect guaranteed • The gel should be taken fifteen minutes before the need • Perfect for those who prefer not to swallow pills

Kamagra 7 units

Kamagra Original Gel
7 bags

NIS 139

Kamagra 14 units

Kamagra Original Gel
14 bags

239 NIS

Kamagra case 21 units

Kamagra Original Gel
21 bags

345 NIS

Kamagra Original Gel - 28 bags

Kamagra Original Gel - 49 bags

The most lucrative!

עומדים לרשותכם עם מגוון תחליפי ויאגרה לשיפור התפקוד המיני
Kamagra 7 units

Kamagra Original Gel
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purchase of Kamagra ניתן לבצע דרך האתר / וואצאפ / או בטלפון 053-7624465 ולקבל משלוח מהיר. אנו מציעים משלוחים בכל רחבי ישראל במחיר משתלם. אנו מתחייבים לספק את המוצר המקורי ב 100 האחוזים – באחריות! אם חיפשת Kamagra ג’ל להעצמת החוויה שלך, במגוון טעמים, תוכל כעת לקבל את המוצר בדיסקרטיות מלאה עם משלוח מהיר בכל עיר בשטחי ישראל.

Why buy kamagra from us?

Reason 1: Absolute certainty

ישראל היא מדינה שנמכרים בה תחליפי ויאגרה רבים ולצערנו התחום לא מספיק מפוקח. סוחרים רבים החלו לייבא תחליפים וחיקויי Kamagra מהמזרח הרחוק בזכות הזמינות הגבוהה של תכשירים אלו ומחיריהם הנמוכים. זוהי תופעה שאנו מזהירים מפניה ואף נלחמים בה. בקמגרה ישראל היבואן הרשמי – תקינותו של כל תכשיר נבדקת ונבחנת היטב. התכשירים הנמכרים הינם תכשירים מקוריים ברמה הגבוהה ביותר. חשוב לפני השימוש לבדוק בקפדנות את ההוראות ולהתייעץ עם רופא, במיוחד אם ידועה רגישות ו/או אם הינכם נוטלים תרופות כלשהן.

Reason 2: Original Kamagra at an affordable price

Kamagra Israel brings you a variety of unique and original products - Viagra substitutes at an affordable price. Today, there are many who find it difficult to obtain treatment for sexual problems due to the high prices of the usual treatment products. Now you can receive quality treatment that will help you improve your performance in bed and the quality of life as a whole - and all this at an affordable and competitive price. Our prices are the best for the original product. We are proud of making the products accessible to a large audience of men who are interested in real solutions. We are here to provide you with professional and dedicated service at the highest level.

Original products only

Kamagra Gold 100 mg

The most affordable, strongest and most effective preparation for improving erection!
קמגרה GOLD: מוצר איכותי מבית קמגרה ישראל במחירים הכי טובים במדינת ישראל עם משלוח דיסקרטי ומהיר! 100% מקורי ובעוצמה כפולה! לזיקפה חזקה במיוחד!

Reach the peak with an original product!

Fast deliveries to the customer's home – השליחים שלנו פרוסים בכל רחבי ישראל, כדי שתוכל לקבל את התכשירים בזמן הקצר ביותר. תמיד רצוי להזמין לפחות יום או יומיים לפני השימוש במוצר כדי להבטיח אספקה בזמן. אנו שואפים ברוב המקרים לספק מהיום למחר, ובערים הגדולות / מרכז הארץ משתדלים להגיע מהיום להיום.

we, Kamagra Israel, Offer here the ultimate answer For erection problems.

Kamagra products and especially Kamagra Oral Jelly are very convenient to use and the results they provide are fast and unambiguous.

Once you have Kamagra, you can use the product whenever you want and see immediate results. In addition, to make it easier for you, the drug is sold without the need for a doctor's prescription, so the whole process becomes much simpler and more convenient (compared to buying Viagra for example).

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דיסקרטיות מעל הכל: The greatest efforts were invested in creating an advanced and secure ordering process. אם תרצה, תוכל להזמין מוצרים דרך האתר בצורה אנונימית (עם שם בדוי כגון ישראל ישראלי). תהליך ההזמנה מתרחש על גבי שרת מאובטח בסטנדרטים בינלאומיים. כל המידע מוצפן מקצה לקצה ופרטי ההזמנה אינם נשמרים או מעובדים לשום מטרה מלבד שינוע המוצר לבית הלקוח.

Customer privacy is a top value for us. We will never send you advertisements or, God forbid, give information of any kind to a third party. In our opinion, a successful business is one that respects its customers and gives them the highest value for their money.

אנו מקפידים באדיקות לספק מוצרים טריים ומקוריים, בלי משחקים וללא פשרות.

How does Kamagra work?

The principle of action of Kamagra is based on the patent of Viagra, but Kamagra can also be crowned as the legal successor of Viagra thanks to a long and respectable list of advantages such as: the possibility of immediate use! (a few minutes until the sildenafil, the active substance, enters the blood circulation) • maximum convenience of use, especially when consuming the preparation in the form of candy or gel • the fewest side effects compared to other preparations • and other benefits including a more convenient price in the pocket!

When you know the benefits of Kamagra there is no reason to look back - try it and you won't regret it! This is the best selling product in 2023 for improving sexual function in Israel. Thousands of men have already become addicted to the pleasure that Kamagra allows in bed. Pleasure that improves both romance and relationship (with Kamagra, even if you are not yet in a relationship, many girls will want what you have to offer in bed).

Original KAMAGRA preparations!

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Why order from us?

Reason 3: Safe and fast purchase

Through the website you can find the required products and add them to your shopping basket. All payments are made completely securely. Forget everything you've learned about online shopping. We accept a wide variety of payment methods. You can pay in cash if that's convenient for you.

Also, the site allows you to order Kamagra anonymously, if you don't want to be exposed. The deliveries are also carried out completely discreetly without asking questions and as quickly as possible, so that you can receive your products in a fast, convenient and safe way.

Kamagra Israel The official website offers a fast, secure and convenient shopping experience with the possibility of receiving special services and offers.

Reason 4: Order Kamagra products in a click

אנו מציעים אפשרויות רבות לרכישת מוצרי קמגרה בקלות ובנוחות. תוכלו לבחור את צורת ההזמנה המועדפת עליכם: דרך וואצאפ, בטלפון או באמצעות סל הקניות באתר. קמגרה ישראל הוא אתר אינטרנט מוביל בתחומו, בעל שכבות אבטחה רבות. אנו מציעים משלוחים מהירים בערי ישראל השונות ותוכלו גם לקבל הנחות על קנייה גדולה. קמגרה ישראל מחזיקה מלאי תכשירים מקוריים רחב – הזמין לרכישה מכל מקום בישראל.

For us, the customer is above all, so we provide courteous and professional customer service in a variety of channels, such as email, WhatsApp and phone. We promise to handle your every request quickly and professionally, and to answer every question in an orderly and clear manner. If you have any questions or requests, do not hesitate to contact us through the above channels and we will hear from you soon!

Questions? Continue reading...

Kamagra without a doctor's prescription

The solution you were looking for, which you dreamed of achieving, perhaps for many years - is here! At Kamagra Israel there is nothing we love to do more than help men like you overcome the difficulties in the sexual realm because we know how important it is to you and how much it affects all areas of life. After seeing over and over again the incredible impact of the preparation on people's lives, one can almost speak in terms of mission.

The best selling product on the site is Kamagra Gel which as its name implies - a gel reminiscent of the food supplement that athletes use to achieve better results in various sports - and also in our case, Kamagra Gel provides a very noticeable improvement in performance.

To make it easier for you, we allow you to order products Kamagra without a doctor's prescription So you can get started Instantly The use of the gel.
You've been waiting long enough for this moment, right?

Do you have a question?

Kamagra Israel: a quick solution for those suffering from problems with sexual function

אם זה מנחם אותך לדעת, גברים רבים סובלים מהפרעות זיקפה – זאת למעשה תופעה די נפוצה בעולמנו.

לחץ, חרדה, גורמים פיזיים כאלה ואחרים – כולם תורמים לירידה בכושר המיני. ובמדינה כמו ישראל כמובן שיש לא מעט גורמי לחץ. במקרים מסוימים זה כמעט בלתי מורגש, אך עבור חלק מהגברים זאת בעיה של ממש בין אם מדובר על שפיכה מוקדמת או על Erectile Dysfunction.

It's the kind of thing that obscures your sense of ability as a man and often also erodes your self-confidence. Men who find themselves in such a situation in mid-life are suddenly required to face medical examinations, consultation with doctors and sometimes even surgical intervention. The problem here is first of all the degree of personal exposure that we are not all prepared for - and second of all, if only it were possible to save all the bureaucracy and shorten complex processes…

The good news: Kamagra!

לפעמים כל מה שצריך זה פתרון נקודתי שיספק הקלה ויחזיר את האוויר לריאות ואת הסומק ללחיים. קמגרה עושה את זה. היא משפרת את רמת התפקוד המיני. במילים אחרות, הזיקפה שלך תפתיע אותך כי פתאום יהיה לך הרבה יותר קל להגיע לזיקפה מלאה שנשארת לאורך זמן. קהל היעד של הקמגרה רחב מאוד – אם אתה סובל מבעיות בתפקוד המיני, תגלה שהקמגרה מאפשרת לך לתפקד בצורה נורמלית כאילו הבעיה לא קיימת כלל! ואם אין לך בעיה תפקודית מיוחדת – הקמגרה תוכל לתת לך בוסט מטורף ולאפשר לך להגדיל את ההנאה מהפעילות המינית, שזה אומר יותר זמן שתצליח to hold, And more times you can cum.

If Viagra Ciali and the like require you to go on a "trip" between doctors and pharmacies - Kamagra saves you the headache. You do not reach the Kamagra - the Kamagra reaches you. And this is already a "small" difference that changes the whole experience of using the product.

Kamagra is easy to use and delivers results at record speed

החלטת לתת צ’אנס לתכשירי קמגרה? גם כאן אתה לא לבד. מליוני גברים מסביב לעולם וגם ברחבי ישראל עושים שימוש יומיומי בתכשירי קמגרה מכיוון שהם משדרגים להם את ההנאה מחיי המין. ומכיוון שזה דבר כל כך נפלא, הבשורה מכה גלים וכך הקמגרה זכתה בפופולריות העצומה שיש לה כיום.

אבל אל תסמוך רק על המילה שלנו. אין דבר יותר קל מאשר להזמין אריזה של תכשיר קמגרה מקורי ופשוט להתנסות בעצמך ולראות אם כל התשבוחות ששמעת על מוצרי קמגרה אכן מוצדקות. הודות לרמת הדיסקרטיות הגבוהה שאנו מציעים, לצד שירות משלוחים בפריסה מלאה (בתוך הקו הירוק של ישראל). It has never been easier to purchase such an effective and amazing product for improving sexual function.

From our many customers we hear only good things about Kamagra. The vast majority of customers order again and again - because the product works and as a result not only does self-confidence improve but the same men look more and more radiant, their overall health improves, their relationship improves so that…

If you have not yet tried to take Kamagra, as soon as you take it you will quickly realize that this is a revolutionary product that every man can benefit a lot from.

Questions and Answers

צוות קמגרה ישראל ליקט את השאלות הנפוצות ביותר. כל המידע לפניכם:

Many people can derive value from Kamagra, as it is a preparation that helps increase libido and pleasure from sexual intercourse. More precisely, Kamagra is intended for use by men who wish to achieve a full and longer erection - whether they have difficulty achieving a full erection, or whether they want to extend the duration of the erection. In all cases the result is the same: the improvement of sex and consequently the improvement of relationships and the quality of life.

Kamagra Gel is a fruit-flavored gel based on herbal glycerin and with the addition of the active ingredient in Viagra pills. The gel is absorbed quickly and causes a full and prolonged erection. Kamagra Gel is suitable for men who do not connect to swallow pills and want to improve sexual function and thus increase pleasure.

Many men choose Kamagra for the well-known effects of Viagra plus some benefits (quick effect, ease of use, and more). Like other sexual enhancement products, Kamagra is a Viagra substitute and is based on the same active ingredient as Viagra (hence sometimes referred to as "generic Viagra").

Consuming Kamagra allows you to be prepared for sexual activity at top speed. The gel can be taken only a quarter of an hour before sexual intercourse. Once you feel a sexual arousal, the Kamagra will go into action, and you will feel a strengthened erection which strengthens your abilities.

The product strengthens male potency and causes a strong erection, improved performance, increased sexual arousal - so the result is an intensification of satisfaction and pleasure for both parties.

Kamagra itself is not addictive. You can consume the product only when you choose and want to get a boost to your sexual ability and fitness or when you are preparing for a stormy night and want to hold on longer than usual.

The product goes into action shortly after ingestion (within 10 to 30 minutes) and its effect lasts between 4 and 6 hours. In any case, in order to enjoy the perfect moment with your partner, do not consume more than the maximum dose, which is one bag per day.

Kamagra helps to create a strengthened erection after about 15 minutes from the moment of taking the drug. But do not worry, the effect of Kamagra depends on sexual arousal, so in most cases you will only feel it while having sex. The preparation itself, without sexual stimulation, does not cause an erection. So you can continue with your daily routine without any worries, and go anywhere even if you have taken Kamagra in the last 6 hours.

It's never too early to start planning a great night out. Take Kamagra 15 minutes before the act and enjoy the night of your life - with many hours left for other activities, of course. The effect will be felt for 4-6 hours, so go ahead and plan your evening!

Regarding the list of ingredients, when looking at Kamagra gel packaging it is written that Kamagra gel contains an active ingredient like Viagra Sildenfil and the liquid contains additional ingredients such as herbal glycerin which is a common ingredient in the pharmaceutical industry and what gives the gel its fruit flavors are flavors and aromas similar to candies And such and other sweets.

In one word: no. At Kamagra Israel we believe that there is no reason for a doctor to decide for this or that man whether he needs help in improving function and performance in bed.

The exceptions are men who are treated with any medication on a regular basis - and especially medications to regulate blood circulation. In these cases it is mandatory to consult a doctor before using the preparation.

The use of Kamagra Gel is completely safe for men of all ages. However, in order to avoid unnecessary risk, any person who needs these or other medications on a regular basis should consult his doctor, in order to make sure that the medication he is taking is safe to use while using Kamagra.

As a matter of fact, Kamagra does not require a prescription or medical tests, so it is possible to order home delivery without a prescription - with maximum convenience and complete discretion.


Drinking alcohol can in some cases lead to dizziness and a feeling of slight blurring as well as erectile strengthening drugs such as Kamagra. A combination of these two substances can lead to dizziness and even fainting. Also, this combination can lead to headaches or migraines, especially for those who suffer from headaches often.

Additional preparations for improving sexual function

Kamagra does not need any further reinforcement. This is a complete solution for improving sexual function. Consumption of Kamagra together with other drugs or even natural preparations to improve potency - in most cases this combination causes increased effect and significant side effects. Particular attention should be paid to products that affect blood circulation. Their consumption together with Kamagra gel increases the risk of developing a prolonged and painful erection that requires medical attention.


Grapefruit juice and pomegranate juice

Grapefruit juice and pomegranate juice - together with Kamagra they can cause severe and sometimes even dangerous side effects, including headaches, indigestion, flushing, visual disturbances and heart rhythm disturbance. These juices raise the level of the drug in the blood so it is advisable to avoid them as long as you are under the influence of kamagra.

In addition - in most cases, Kamagra starts working after 10 minutes to half an hour, but if you consume the product with grapefruit juice, it will work late, which increases the risk of severe side effects (and of course disappointment).


Herbs that affect the heart

Fenugreek, Wormwood, Devil's Claw, Hawthorn, White Mistletoe, Shepherd's Satchel, Lion's Tail and Purple Thimble (Digitalis)

Because erection enhancing drugs increase the risk of cardiovascular side effects, the combination with the above herbs can be dangerous and therefore it is not recommended to consume herbal supplements that will increase the risk of these problems.

Kamagra Gel is a Viagra substitute that is considered to be effective. Most users of the product indicate that it is safe to use and has a very small number of side effects (if any). Although,

As with any medicinal product consumed through the gastrointestinal tract, Kagamera may have side effects (which are not serious or dangerous), which are indicated on the package.

You should be aware in advance of the symptoms that may appear, especially if you are known to be sensitive to medications. Early preparation allows for better preparation and taking a more careful approach before starting to consume the preparation. Also, when one understands what restrictions and labels exist for the use of the preparation, it can be used correctly, conveniently, and more safely.

Side effects that can rarely occur include headache or nausea, redness or congestion in the nose and upper respiratory tract, abdominal pain and even in more severe cases - upset stomach.

To ensure maximum effectiveness, you must follow the instructions for use of the preparation, including consuming the gel on an empty stomach, not consuming alcohol, and waiting about 15 minutes before sexual intercourse.

Kamagra is contraindicated for use by people who use vasodilators from the nitrate family, such as mononit, monocord.

As you can imagine, buying a fake product can be dangerous to your health. You will not know at first that it is a counterfeit because counterfeits coming from Turkey, China or Thailand also contain sildenafil citrate, but the problem is that an uncontrolled formulation means unknown doses and the freshness of the product is questionable. Of course the list of ingredients may also change and not necessarily for the better. The result could be a hospital night. To avoid inconvenience and great embarrassment, purchase only from the official importer, only from Kamagra Israel at Kamagra.com.

Pay special attention to a suspicious store called Kamagra.net which we have no contact with and they do not buy the product through us and therefore one should be careful and beware of buying on such suspicious sites.

No reduction in efficacy in continuous use is known. As long as you do not exceed the recommended dose (a bag of Kamagra gel a day) it should not be a problem.

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