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Impotence: what can be done and what treatment really helps

What causes impotence?

Impotence problems are divided into two groups:

1) Mental problems. 2) Physical problems due to poor health, certain medical conditions, etc.

Physiological problems that may cause impotence, such as a decrease or absence of an erection, are attributed to damage to the vascular system (the vascular system) and damage to the neurological nervous system responsible for erection. Older people who suffer from erectile dysfunction may experience these conditions as a result of diabetes or while recovering from lower abdominal surgeries.

Sometimes impotence is caused by taking specific psychiatric drugs or drugs for hypertension. It is also worth noting that smoking and heart disease are also included in the list of causes of impotence.

Impotence problems can start in men of any age, but are more common in older men. Erectile problems appear from the age of 40 and above, when by the age of 50, about 50% of the men already have problems with impotence to varying degrees.

Studies have found that a man's age has a significant effect on his risk of developing impotence. There are young men in their 20s who suffer from severe erection difficulties, but this is only a small number of cases.

What are the most common treatments for erectile dysfunction?

The most common and accepted treatments for erectile problems today are drugs, nutritional supplements and also conversations with a psychologist. The most popular treatment is medical treatment that includes taking pills from the family of pde5 enzyme inhibitors like viagra, Cialis and Levitra. These drugs have different names and dosages and are taken before having sex. Each ball has a slightly different activity.

According to recent studies, about 60% of the men who need treatment for erectile dysfunction will find success with Preparations to improve erection This type.

Injection treatment - if the pill does not work or has stopped working or is prohibited for some patients for health reasons - the next recommended treatment is injection treatment. This treatment is incredibly effective, with about 90% of the people using it seeing success. This medical treatment is safe to use and does not cause damage or complications when used correctly and adapted to the patient. The treatment involves self-injection into the penis, a few minutes before intercourse and is carried out under the guidance of a urologist. The two main types of impotence treatments are drugs and injections. The disadvantage of the treatment is the need to make an appointment with a urologist, and it also involves a relatively high level of exposure, which is not suitable for all men.

Another treatment includes the use of shock waves focused on the prostate gland area. It is intended for men who wish to stop using the pills that are effective for them, but cause various side effects or are cumbersome when taking them. Mainly men with additional indicators such as an erection in the morning and normal blood flow to the penis can benefit from this treatment. This treatment is not effective for most men who suffer from diabetes or erectile problems after any surgery.

In a small percentage of cases where medication and injections have failed, surgery to implant a penile prosthesis may be an option. It involves surgically placing a device in the penis that can help achieve and maintain an erection. This surgery is a tested and proven procedure that has been performed for over 50 years. He has a long track record of success and is trusted by many surgeons. However, the effectiveness of surgery greatly decreased with the introduction of drug therapy and injections.

What does the future hold for erectile dysfunction treatment?

The future of surgery will include miniature operations, such as ligation of veins in the penis. It will be done with greater precision than ever before. Drug production will be more efficient and accurate and will focus, among other things, on reducing side effects. It will also require great attention to detail as strict supervision is required at every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure that the final product is safe and effective. Direct injections into the genital organ are also expected to improve both in terms of the effectiveness of the preparations and in terms of accessibility and ease of use.

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