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Staying spray

A unique spray for prolonging the duration of an erection: Provides men with the ability to control ejaculation and bring their partner to orgasm several times. The formula of the preparation is strong and proven to be effective in delaying ejaculation. Try it yourself!

SHARK 48000 is the delay spray that lowers the level of sensitivity in the penis but without excessively numbing it (similar to the effect of a condom but more effectively).

The spray is absorbed by the skin for maximum efficiency without transferring to the partner. The spray works quickly and externally and the special vial dispenses an exact dose each time and thus helps you achieve the desired effect. Deadly Shark is a well-known brand in its field and is successfully sold all over the world.

Unique composition with vitamin E:

  • Vitamin E renews cell activity.
  • The original spray with vitamin E.
  • An innovative spray that is absorbed very easily.
  • Adds vitality to the skin of the penis.

How does it work and what are the benefits?

  • Reduces sensitivity, provides a longer erection.
  • A very strong product compared to the alternatives.
  • One of the leading delay agents in the world.
  • Extends intercourse by at least 40 minutes!
  • Improves male erection.
  • Forget the concept of premature ejaculation.
Staying spray

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Product description SHARK 48000 delay spray


How to use the delay spray (lidocaine delay spray)

Spray the most sensitive areas of your penis 10-15 minutes before the act. Spray between 3 and 10 times depending on your desired sensitivity.

And in more detail:

  • Shake well before use.
  • If you are using this for the first time, do a test by spraying it on your arm and wait 10 minutes to see if you get any allergic reaction.
  • Use the spray 10 to 15 minutes before you have sex.
  • Rinse your penis (enhances absorption), then spray 2 or 3 times to cover the entire head of your penis. Alternatively, you can spray the contents into your hand and rub it on the head of the penis with your hand.
  • For best results, spray at least 5 minutes before intercourse. With experience you will know the amounts and times that work best for you.
  • Avoid overspray as it can lead to harmful effects. Overspray can even damage your organ.
  • Wash the member thoroughly with warm water or wipe it thoroughly with a wet towel after sex.

Deadly Shark 48000 ejaculation inhibitor spray with vitamin E - product description

Deadly Shark 48000 Staying Spray with Lidocaine with Vitamin E is designed to help men enjoy their time in bed a little longer and provide their partner with unforgettable sex with several orgasms of meteoric heights and intensities.

This natural preparation has proven to reduce the sensitivity at the tip of the penis, which allows him to extend the act time up to 5 times the usual time and enjoy satisfying sex.

According to users, the spray also provides a calming effect that helps improve sexual confidence among men, and this increased confidence allows men to perform better. It works wonders for men with premature ejaculation problem.

There is nothing more frustrating than spitting before your partner starts to feel irritated. It is almost impossible to explain in words the amount of frustration that appears at such a moment. For many men this is an event that damages the self-image and as it repeats itself, it creates a scar psychologically as far as the self-image is concerned, and rebuilding the confidence is not so easy, unless you choose to use something effective like the Deadly Shark 48000 delay spray with vitamin E.

The amazing product is also ideal for healthy and normal men who enjoy a healthy and regular sex life. For such men, it can help them improve their sex quality and pleasure. Such men who long to go wild in bed, can try this product and the results can be truly amazing.

You can be a rock star in bed and make her dance to your tunes until she collapses from exhaustion.

What does a spray bottle contain? Deadly Shark 48000 ?

Each spray bottle contains 5% Lidocaine, which is known to reduce sensitivity at the head of the penis (the dome) and allows users to indulge in longer-than-usual performance in bed.

The contents of the spray bottle are enough for about 200 sprays.

What are the benefits of using Deadly Shark 48000 spray?

  • You can enjoy a prolonged penetration time leading to greater sexual pleasure.
  • Keeps the penis active and erect for a longer time.
  • Allows the user to indulge in prolonged penetration and regain lost confidence.
  • Allows men to provide multiple orgasms to their partner.
  • A delay spray brings lovemaking to life as both partners can enjoy a longer time in bed.
  • Designed to improve and extend the duration of intercourse.
  • The formula contains dermatologically tested ingredients. So it is safe for men with all skin types including sensitive skin.
  • Deadly Shark 48000 Delay Spray with Lidocaine with Vitamin E is very useful for men with premature ejaculation problems. They can definitely delay their ejaculation and enjoy satisfying sex.
  • A product that has been tested over time and provides proven results.
  • In fact, the preparation saves couples from separation and divorce due to dissatisfaction with sex life.

What are the precautions to take when using Deadly Shark 48000 delay spray and is it dangerous?

  • This is a very strong spray. Do not over spray. Overspray can cause your penis to go numb. In such cases, seek medical attention immediately.
  • Never use this spray if you have myasthenia gravis, epilepsy, heart disease or liver problems.
  • If you are taking regular medication or suffer from any chronic disease, please consult your doctor before using this spray.
  • Do not use this spray if you or your partner are allergic to anesthetics.
  • Do not spray on cracked or inflamed skin.
  • keep out of reach of children.

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One bottle: 199 NIS, 2 bottles: 299 NIS

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