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Benefits of Kamagra Gold compared to Kamagra Gel and Kamagra Candy

What is Kamagra Gold?

Kamagra Gold is a preparation that is considered a food supplement and, like other Kamagra products, provides a solution for those who want to improve their erection and sexual function. It is manufactured by Ajanta Pharma and is based on natural ingredients. currently kamagra gold Gaining momentum and becoming the biggest star among all types of kamagra.

Kamagra preparations are available in a variety of flavors and textures such as Kamagra gel and Kamagra candy. If you want to choose between the different types, you must consider the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

In the next section we will discuss the benefits of Kamagra Gold compared to other types of Kamagra such as Kamagra Gel andKamagra candy.

Benefits of Kamagra Gold

Most people are familiar with Kamagra Gel as it is the most available product in Israel, but the Kamagra brand also has nospipe products, Kamagra Gold is one of them. It is indeed a lesser known product, but is it less good? It turns out that the opposite is true! Most of the men who have tried it report high efficiency and strength of effect, and the additional plus is felt in the pocket, the price is simply more affordable and allows for more nights of pleasure.

Here we explain the differences between the two products and what is better than what.

What is the difference between Kamagra gel and Kamagra candies? And what is common? The full comparison:

First of all, both Kamagra candies and Kamagra gel are produced by the exact same company, AJANTA PHARMA, a large Indian company that produces first class drugs that are sold all over the world and you can get the original preparations here with us - Kamagra Israel

Both products contain the same active ingredient (sildenafil) found in all Viagra Another generic available for purchase.

The only difference between the two is that Kamagra gel comes in liquid form in a flavored gel and Kamagra candy comes in the form of round candies (soluble soda candies) that you chew and dissolve in your mouth (chewing the candy is the correct way to consume the product).

Which is better Kamagra gel or Kamagra candy?

Although both products are identical in their action in terms of the active ingredient, Kamagra candies have clear advantages over Kamagra gel, so it can be said that the candies are better than the gel, and these are the advantages of the candies:

  • Candies can be carried in a pocket or purse without fear of the packaging exploding
  • A candy can be cut into 2 or 4 parts and used as needed, compared to the gel which cannot be divided.
  • Kamagra candies come with fewer side effects for most users, even though the active ingredient is the same.
  • Like the gel, Kamagra candies have a quick effect.
  • Most men prefer the taste of the Kamagra candies to the gel.

The benefits of Kamagra Gel:

There are people who most of the time just take the full amount, although most of the time it is not necessary, so maybe the gel is suitable for them.
It is possible to take without drinking water afterwards (but there is an aftertaste, so you should drink anyway).

In conclusion:

Both products are excellent products from a leading company, of course it is important to buy only from the official website in order not to consume fakes, since today in Israel Many preparations are fake.

But if we have to determine which one is better, there is no doubt that Kamagra candies are much better than Kamagra gel. And after all that, for those who want maximum effect, we recommend Kamagra Gold, these are simply pills similar to Viagra and although you have to wait about half an hour until the effect starts, but when the effect starts it is more powerful than ever - and it is also worth the money that is currently being sold on sale.

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