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Vidalista - what is it and what is it for?

The male sexual enhancer market is considered one of the most developed and largest drug markets in the world. On the one hand, it makes sense. Many men find it difficult to function as they want in the bedroom and are willing to experiment with these preparations to achieve their goal. On the other hand, there are men who suffer from an existing problem and try to solve it using prescription drugs that can alleviate the problem and restore the man's quality of life. Vidalista It is one of these medicines and it's time you got to know it too:

Vidalista: Cialis' twin sister

Vidalista is an aphrodisiac and its activity is the same as Cialis. What is the difference between them? the producer. Vidalista, manufactured in India under the strictest regulations, is owned by Centurion and contains Tadalafil – the same substance found in Cialis.

Men who know the medicine Cialis, which was developed to treat and support men with poor sexual function, will be very happy to hear about Vidalista, or by its more common name: generic Cialis. The term "generic drug" is used in the medical world to clarify that the product produced by one company contains exactly the same active ingredients as the drug produced by another company. As mentioned, the difference lies in the manufacturer and sometimes also in the doses. in fact, Cialis Generic contains Tadalafil in a higher dose than "regular" Cialis.

The usual medicine is taken between 3-4 hours before intercourse, which greatly eliminates spontaneity, but allows a man to positively overcome problems with sexual function for 36 hours. During this window of time, the man can achieve a normal, strong and satisfying erection with every sexual contact. All this without taking another pill for 48 hours. Due to the large dose, Vidalista can only be taken about an hour and a half before the act.

Are there men who cannot use preparations to improve erection?

Vidalista (and in general, Cialis) is prohibited for use in men who regularly take nitrites. These drugs that treat blood pressure and actually dilate blood vessels (such as Monochord) may create a dangerous "collision" with the effects of the pill and are therefore prohibited and subject to medical advice only.

What is a generic drug and what is the difference between Cialis and generic Cialis?

Generic drugs in general, provide a solution when those in medical need are embarrassed about using the original drug (ashamed to say that they are consuming a drug with a specific name) or when the generic drug can be obtained, with only the same active ingredients at a cheaper price. Medicines that treat male fertility problems can be purchased through websites that offer different products, so there is no longer a need to go to the doctor's clinic and report a problem.

On these sites, the opportunity takes place discreetly and with personal home delivery, while being impressed by the basket of products offered by the site. In some places you can also consult Vidylista (Generic Cialis) and decide whether to try it. In any case, the results of using the drug are very good.

Another important thing to focus on is the higher dosage of substances found in Vidalista. The drug comes in a double dose of Taladfil (about 40 mg), so you can only take half a pill to compare the effect to that of regular Cialis and enjoy the same window of time in which sexual contact will be successful.

What is the difference between generic cialis and viagra?

Cialis is actually a type of drug that works similar to the action of Viagra, dilating the blood vessels in the penis. It's a set-it-and-forget-it drug that you can take on a Thursday night and relax all weekend with a powerful and satisfying performance, whenever you want. However, unlike Viagra, which takes effect immediately up to 6 hours, generic Cialis will take effect within an hour and a half for a period of 36 hours.

This means that the act can last longer or accumulate to more acts for a day and a half in which the man and his partner do not suffer from the problem at all. Another difference between Viagra Cialis is Viagra's restrictions on the consumption of alcohol and specific foods that may impair its effect. Cialis, on the other hand, allows you to consume alcohol and eat meals without impairing the effect. In both cases, the effect of the pill will begin with sexual contact or stimulation and as long as the stimulation occurs, without a state of continuous erection during the entire time window of the drug's effect.

In both cases, side effects such as headache or dizziness, indigestion or blurred vision may occur. These effects are relatively rare and your doctor will be able to diagnose the possibility that you suffer from them and inform you about the consequences of the drug.

Why is it important to pay attention when buying Vidalista?

Internet marketers who sell generic Cialis with the words "Cialis in original packaging" or "Viagra in original packaging" are often selling fakes. In the least severe case, the active substance in these drugs is found in a much lower dose. In a severe case, the drug may contain toxic and dangerous substances. It is important to note that you are buying Vidalista from one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies such as Cipla, Aurochem, Centurion and Ajanta Pharma. Each of these companies produces generic drugs of almost all types and do not contain unidentified or dangerous substances.

More information for the curious

Vidalista is designed to treat all impotence problems in men and improve their sex life effectively. The activity of the mechanism in the drug occurs on the basis of NO - the nitric oxide in the penis, which binds to the receptors with the guanylate cyclase enzyme. This enzyme is responsible for producing a substance called cGMP that is designed to relax the muscles in the artery area of the penis. It is this relaxation that causes the arteries to expand so that more blood can flow through them and with greater pressure.

As the blood flow to the penile arteries increases, a stronger and more successful erection can be achieved. Another difference between Cialis and Viagra is in its molecular structure. Viagra binds to an enzyme called popodiasterase 5, which is responsible for breaking down the enzyme cGMP. The result of this action is that the cGMP enzyme remains at a high level and therefore the blood flow will increase and the erection will be full and prolonged. In fact, when there is no sexual stimulation and the system is not activated by nitric oxide (NO), Viagra should not cause an erection at all.


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