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At what age is it allowed to take Viagra?

Let's talk about Viagra: Who should take the pill? Who is not allowed under any circumstances? What are the biggest mistakes made using the ball and is there a danger that will stand up to you throughout the day? We have gathered for you here all the questions, and most importantly, the answers to everything related to the Viagra pills in question. Ready?

Is Viagra really effective?

Generic Viagra has been shown to be beneficial for 80 percent of men who suffer from performance anxiety in bed and about two-thirds of men who suffer from such and other erectile-related disorders. Viagra Does not solve menopausal problems in men that are related to marital problems or emotional issues of one kind or another.

Has Viagra proven to be effective for men after prostatectomy?

Let's start with the fact that it's worth a try! Impressive or unequivocal success rates have not been proven, but we recommend trying and seeing that each case on its own in such complex cases.

Are the myths about Viagra and the connection to heart attacks and death true?

With the invention of Viagra breaking into our lives, a lot of false and falsified myths were created about the effects of the pill. We saw it in movies, in well-publicized jokes, and that's why the public was influenced and got a negative and dangerous impression. After accumulating much data on Viagra It is safe to say that there is no evidence that the pill is harmful to the heart or encourages heart attacks at all.

Who is banned from using Viagra?

Men who use periods for heart problems or men whose doctor has given them a prescription for nitroglycerin and they rarely use it - do not take Viagra pills. The use of nitrates in combination with Viagra can cause a significant decrease in blood pressure. In contrast, heart patients who do not use nitrates can take the pill without a problem.

What are the reasons why Viagra does not help?

Viagra does not work for 2 possible reasons: the drug is not strong enough to overcome the problem a person has. The second reason is that it has been misused or that there is a psychological problem that constitutes a barrier to the drug from working.

What are the most common mistakes in using the Viagra pill?

  1. The dose is not enough. Most men need to take a whole dose of 100 mg to see a significant improvement.
  2. Urgent sex is too close to taking the pill. The most recommended time is an hour, on an empty stomach. In the case of after dinner then even more than an hour.
  3. Ingestion of the pill with food inhibits its absorption and the effect is delayed in reaching.
  4. If you do not try to have sex Viagra does not produce an erection on its own as you might think from the movies. It helps and enhances a sexually aroused man.

What can Viagra do to a man with a normal erection?

Most men will not notice the change at all, some have found the penis harder and others are able to experience orgasm even after the third time.

In conclusion

Hopefully now all the myths and concerns have been removed and you feel safer and more comfortable using the Viagra pill. For more information and questions, check with your pharmacist or doctor.

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