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KAMAGRA in Super Pharm - is Kamagra sold in Super Pharm stores?

No, Kamagra cannot be purchased at Super-Pharm branches. Kamagra is a medical product sold online. Order only cautiously, after consulting a doctor. Also, this is a preparation that affects blood flow/pressure, and Kamagra can have several different side effects and it can also conflict with medications you are taking, therefore there must be control regarding the use of Kamagra regardless of whether it is available in the Super-Pharm chain or not (and currently It is not in the stock of Super Pharm). We recommend that you ask your doctor before using Kamagra preparations.

If not at a supermarket - where can you buy Kamagra?

Kamagra can be purchased without a doctor's prescription in online pharmacies such as the Kamagra Israel website where you are currently. Exercise judgment before you order from unknown websites, and it is recommended to order only from the official importer to ensure freshness, originality and uncompromising quality.

Is buying kamagra dangerous?

The use of Kamagra can be dangerous if you do not follow the instructions or if you change without first consulting the dose assigned to you. Also, it can be dangerous if you have certain health conditions or if you use certain medications.

How to identify counterfeit kamagra?

Counterfeit Kamagra often comes in non-original packaging, copied medicine labels and without standard medicinal information. Always buy medicines in a reliable and legal place and do not buy from the Internet or the black market.

Do you need a doctor's prescription for Kamagra?

No, Kamagra Israel shortens the process for you and the products are sold through the website at the customer's risk (we recommend consulting a doctor before ordering).

Kamagra is a preparation for the treatment of impotence that contains the active ingredient sildenafil, the same as that found in Viagra. So everything that is valid for Viagra is also valid for Kamagra and responsibility and consideration is required before use.

it's important to remember:

  • Kamagra is a medical preparation that can be obtained without a prescription, but it must be taken according to the instructions in the attached leaflet, do not exceed the maximum dose of one unit per day, and it is recommended to order only after consulting a doctor.
  • Do not take Kamagra if you are taking other medicines, such as medicines for high blood pressure or nitroglycerin.
  • Before taking Kamagra you should consult a doctor - especially if you have any health problems.

In conclusion:

Kamagra cannot be purchased at Super Pharm branches. This is not related to the issue of a doctor's prescription. Kamagra is simply not found in Super Pharm branches or on the Super Pharm website.


This information is not a substitute for medical advice. A doctor should be consulted before taking Kamagra or any other medicine.

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