Kamagra Sutra: The Cow Girl Pose - An In-Depth Guide

The cowgirl position is one of the most common and beloved positions in the sex. Let's understand what makes it unique and what are its advantages and disadvantages.

What is the cowgirl position?

In this position, the man lies on his back and the woman sits on top of him with her face facing his. The woman controls the depth and rate of penetration.

The benefits of the pose

  • Full control for the woman over the penetration
  • Easy access to mutual massage and intimate touch
  • Possibility to maintain eye contact and intimacy
  • Stimulation of the woman's G-spot during penetration
  • Comfortable even in advanced pregnancy
the cowgirl position
There is no doubt that there is potential here

Possible disadvantages

  • May be an effort for the woman
  • Less control for the man over pace and depth
  • Less effective for stimulating the man's G-spot

Tips for optimal performance

  • Support pillows can be added for the woman's comfort
  • Pelvic angle changes allow for different stimulation
  • Circular movements of the pelvis increase arousal
  • Open and honest communication is necessary for mutual enjoyment

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Men who find it difficult to maintain a stable erection in this position can use products such as Kamagra Gel or kamagra gold from home Kamagra Israel. These products will help strengthen the erection and improve sexual performance.

A warning to men about the cowgirl position

This is not a myth. You can "break" the male genital organ into sex, and it sounds exactly like that. So, to avoid this dire situation, Brazilian researchers discovered that cowgirl poses have risks.

In a study published in Advances in Urology, Brazilian researchers found that the "cowgirl" sex position, in which the woman sits on top of the man in a sort of bridge position, is the most dangerous and common form of sex. Tears were caused as a result. The starting age of men who came to the ER with a penile fracture was also 34.5.

So it is true that the male penis does not contain bone, but does a spongy organ harden when blood is pumped into it during stimulation, so what actually "breaks"?

During sexual stimulation, the blood vessels in the penis fill with blood that flows to the area, causing pressure that leads to an erection. A sudden bend or attempt to bend the penis at this time may cause the cellular tissue in the area to tear, resulting in a terrible "breaking" sound followed by a horrible scream from the man. The rupture can also cause serious damage to the urethra, so it is recommended to go to the hospital and not wait until the pain goes away.

The study examined all emergency cases received between January 2000 and March 2012 in the major hospitals of Campinas, Brazil. The city's population totals about 3 million people, so you might be happy to know that only 44 men were accepted during the aforementioned study period.

After analyzing the data, the majority of cases (66.7%) occurred during heterosexual intercourse. 14.3% were involved in some form of penis play, 9.5% occurred during homosexual intercourse, and the remaining cases occurred for "unclear" reasons, which the patients probably did not agree to disclose, and maybe that's a good thing.

As mentioned, in heterosexual relationships, but also in homosexual relationships, the "cowgirl position" was responsible for most fractures, and then the famous "doggy style" position led men to the emergency room. In heterosexual relationships, 21.4% of the fractures occurred as a result of the missionary position.

Despite the fracture, and the nagging pain, it is good to know that in the long term the effects of the fracture are few. Only 2 men in the study had problems with sexual function later in life, and 4 men reported that the penis was tilted after the fracture, which does not really affect healthy sexual function. The other men resumed normal sex with one member showing no problem.

Dr. Patel (urologist specializing in the treatment of erectile problems)

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