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1. General

1.1. the website Kamagra Israel - The official importer (hereinafter: "the site"), serves the public of visitors to the site to purchase various Viagra substitutes by phone order through the site's ordering system (hereinafter: "sales"), and through other digital tools such as the PayPal payment service.

1.2. As a surfer on the site Kamagra Israel, Please read these Terms and Conditions in full in order to be aware of all the sections therein. The provisions of this policy will be valid for you as a surfer on the site Kamagra Israel Any use and / or purchase made by you on the site. These Terms and Conditions will form the legal basis for any discussion between you and the Company.

1.3. By purchasing products and / or browsing the pages of the site, you give your approval to the sections of this policy and its various provisions. Subsequently, you will also give your undertaking to drive and act in accordance with the instructions and terms of use which are specified in these regulations. In the event that you do not agree for one reason or another to any sections or provisions in the "Terms of Use" Terms of Use of the Kamagra Israel website, you are requested not to use this website.

1.4. In these regulations, for convenience only, the reference to the surfing public is made in male language, but the reference is also to male and female alike without creating discrimination between them, since our customers are both men and women.

2. Sales on the Kamagra Israel website

2.1. WebsiteKamagra Israel” opens its doors to online purchases of a variety of substitutes Viagra Among them is Kamagra gel. The sales are usually carried out in the form of "telephone sales", that is, without entering credit card details in advance. the preparations on the site Kamagra Israel Offered to you by the best suppliers, manufacturers and importers at the base of their activity in Israel (hereinafter: "the supplier" or "the suppliers").

2.2. Every product sold on the website is displayed on a product page, which in this policy will be called a sales page (hereinafter: "sales page"). This page includes the selling price, product details, and any other relevant details.

2.3. It should be noted that all the prices listed on the website include VAT according to the law.

2.4. Sales on the site can be made either by telephone to the company's sales center (hereinafter: "telephone transaction") or via PayPal credit through the site's clearing system (hereinafter: "PayPal transaction").

2.5. A PayPal transaction is made by entering your personal information on a secure page in the SSL standard. You will then be taken to a clearing page hosted by PayPal where you will need to enter your credit card information and payment preference according to the terms of the transaction.

2.6. The clearing page and the credit clearing operation is performed by PayPal. Upon receipt of the transaction confirmation from the clearing page you will be transferred back to the website where you will receive an order number confirming your order and at the same time you will be sent a computerized receipt signed by electronic signature in accordance with the electronic signature law requirement. If the system encounters the charge rejection, you will receive an appropriate notification.

2.7. In any case of refusal of the means of payment, an appropriate notice will be sent to the operator of the operation and he must contact the company for the purpose of completing the transaction by telephone. It should be noted and emphasized that a transaction is not considered a perfect transaction until the transaction is approved by PayPal. It will be clarified that the date of delivery will apply from the date of receipt of the approval for the execution of the transaction.

2.8. In any case of refusal or problem in receiving payment the operator must contact the company by phone within 7 days of sending the notification of an imperfect transaction. Happened and the operator did not complete the transaction within this period of time, the company may cancel the transaction.

2.9. The operator of the operation is given the option of contacting the company Kamagra Israel And request a change in the terms of payment or means of payment as long as these meet the terms of the transaction and are subject to the Company's policy. In the event that the change involves an additional cost on the part of the clearing company, the company will charge the operator for the same additional cost.

2.10. It should be noted that the company considers the filling of falsified details to be serious at the time of making the purchase. This is a criminal offense and the perpetrator is expected to file for civil and criminal legal proceedings.

2.11 It will be clarified that Kamagra Israel Makes every effort to select the highest quality and most reliable suppliers for Israeli buyers. At the same time, the suppliers and manufacturers abroad are the ones who are responsible for the quality and delivery of the product and they are the ones who are responsible for the safety of the buyer and his satisfaction. At the same time, it will be clarified that the company makes every effort to provide excellent service.

2.12. In the event that a purchased product is out of stock, an appropriate notice will be sent to the buyer and accordingly, the buyer may cancel his order if no replacement product is found for him that is to his satisfaction and approval.

3. Delivery and transportation

3.1. At this stage, the supply of the products is limited to the territory of the State of Israel only, except for areas defined as restricted areas from a security point of view.

3.2. If there is a possibility of self-collection of a particular product, the buyer must collect the product within 14 business days. If the customer does not come to collect the product, the company may cancel the transaction.

3.3. The handling and shipping fees are stated on the checkout page depending on the choice of shipping method by you.

3.4. If the shipment is made through the services of the Israel Postal Company Ltd., the company will not be responsible for any delay caused as a result of a delay in the shipping chain of the Israel Postal Service.

3.5.  Kamagra Israel And / or the suppliers (depending on the product) will be responsible for the delivery of the product you purchased to the address you specified when ordering within 7 business days from the moment the transaction is completed at most.

3.6. Delivery of goods by courier will reach the doorstep of the buyer.

4. Warranty

4.1. Company Kamagra Israel Responsible for delivering products when they are fresh and in their original packaging. From the moment the product is delivered to the buyer, the integrity and integrity of the product passes exclusively to the buyer. It is important to clarify that website Kamagra Israel Is not the manufacturer and therefore is unable to provide warranty for the product beyond its basic warranty as detailed above.

4.2 The content of the site will not be considered as a substitute for an expert opinion and / or a medical opinion. Discretion should be exercised before purchasing this or that Viagra replacement and in no way should evidence of one person’s success be considered as a promise of your personal success, the results vary from person to person.

4.3. In purchasing nutritional supplements, the company and / or the site are not responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused to the purchaser, including health damage. The sole responsibility for any damages caused as a result of using Viagra substitutes purchased through the Site is in the hands of the manufacturer of that Viagra substitute. At the same time, it should be clarified that the company makes every effort to work with well-known and trusted suppliers who provide quality Kamagra outlets.


5. Use of the Kamagra Israel website

5.1. Subject to the following cumulative conditions, any user may make a purchase:

5.1.1. The user is qualified to perform binding legal actions. If the user has not yet reached the age of 18 - he is not allowed to perform legal actions without the permission of a guardian. If you made a purchase on the website and have not yet turned 18, we will see your purchase as if you have received a guardian's approval to carry out the purchase you made.

5.1.2. The user is a legally incorporated corporation or has a valid Israeli identity card.

5.1.3. The user owns a valid credit card that has been lawfully issued by one of the credit companies in Israel or around the world.

5.1.4. The user owns an up-to-date Internet e-mail address.

6. Cancellation of a transaction

6.1. Any user who has made a purchase on the site may cancel a transaction in accordance withConsumer Protection (Cancellation of a Transaction) Regulations, 2010.

6.2. For convenience only we note that in the case of purchasing Viagra substitutes the right to cancel a transaction does not apply.

6.3. The company reserves the right to cancel a transaction and / or sale at any time.

7. General terms of use on the Kamagra Israel website

7.1. The use of the website and the content appearing on it may be used as is (As Is) in accordance with the company's decisions and is conditional on the acceptance of all the conditions as stated in these regulations. The use of the website will be considered as the surfer's consent to all the conditions in these regulations and therefore the surfer will not have any complaint, claim or demand towards the company regarding the manner of use of the website and the content presented on it. For the avoidance of doubt, the use of the site and the content appearing on it will be made at the sole and complete responsibility of the surfer.

7.2. The right to use the site and the contents appearing on it is limited to personal use only and the user is strictly prohibited from using the site and the contents appearing on it of a commercial nature unless the company has given its prior written consent.

7.3. The user undertakes not to copy and / or reproduce and / or distribute and / or broadcast and / or display and / or publish and / or make changes to the site and / or the contents appearing on it (whether in part or in full) without the prior written consent of the company As specified in section 7.2 of these Bylaws.

7.4. The user agrees that depending on the nature of the site, the company is not responsible for all links found on the site being correct and leading to active websites and therefore the user agrees that learning from a particular link on the company site that the linked content is complete, current, relevant or trusted and the company will not bear any Responsibility in this regard.

7.5. The company reserves the right to stop the activity of the site and change, from time to time, the appearance of the site and / or its structure and / or the availability of the services provided on it and / or the content displayed on it and all this without the need for prior notice.

7.6. The company reserves the right to change, without prior notice, without obtaining the user's consent and at its discretion the conditions set forth in these terms and conditions. The policy will appear in the current web address in its latest version and will be available whenever the site is active. Therefore, the user undertakes to review these terms and conditions from time to time and to be updated on changes to them.

7.7. The company can not guarantee the regular and proper operation of the site and the user understands that there may be disruptions, irregularities, malfunctions, disruptions or failures in browsing the site.

8.       Copyright and Intellectual Property

8.1. All copyrights on the site, including its design and any software, application, computer code, and any material contained therein, including the content displayed on it, belong only to the company and / or its business partners and / or third parties to whom the site links. It is strictly forbidden to copy, distribute, reproduce, market, publicly display, translate or hand over to a third party any part of what is mentioned in this section without the consent of the company and / or the copyright holders of those materials as stated in advance and in writing.

8.2. The name of the company, the domain name of the site and the trademarks of the company (including unregistered trademarks) are the exclusive property of the company.

9. Privacy Policy

9.1. During the purchase, your personal details will be collected by the website, including your full name, residential address, e-mail address, telephone, etc. For the avoidance of doubt, no credit card number is collected.

9.2. The user hereby agrees and agrees that all information collected by the system during the purchase process will be stored in the company's database and can be used for statistical research and / or submission of marketing content from time to time at the company's discretion.

9.3. Without prejudice to Section 9.2, the Company undertakes not to provide the details of its customers to any third party and will not make any misuse of the information collected.

9.4. If marketing content is sent to the user via an automated mailing system against his will, the company must be contacted by return mail in order to remove it from the mailing list.

9.5. The company may use "cookies" that are stored on your personal computer. Please note that no information item is stored in cookies that can identify the user personally and you reserve the right to delete these "cookies" at any time using the browser.

10.       Additional conditions

10.1. The texts appearing on this site, including the details of the products sold on it, should not be considered as expressing an opinion regarding the nature of the product, its nature or its medical action on behalf of the company and the company should not be held responsible for what is described in the product description and their operation, including their health benefits.

10.2. Without prejudice to the provisions of section 9.1, all information appearing on the website is for general information only and should not be construed in any way as "medical advice" and / or "recommendation for treatment" and / or "medical fact". The information is general and it is not possible to tailor the information individually to each and every person and therefore a qualified medical professional should be consulted before purchasing nutritional supplements.

11.       Various

11.1. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed solely by the laws of the State of Israel and in any matter relating to these Terms and Conditions and / or services on the Website the exclusive place of jurisdiction is the competent court in the Rishon Lezion area only.

11.2. For inquiries on any subject, you can contact us in writing via e-mail.

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