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We usually call the Kamagra preparation a preparation. In fact, it is a product manufactured by a pharmaceutical company, so it would not be a mistake to call it a drug.

But there is a difference between Kamagra Gel and the classic drugs, such as those that treat high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart problems and the like.

The types of drugs we mentioned above are those that the doctor prescribes to his patients not as a recommendation but as a treatment that is a matter of no choice.
In contrast, drugs to treat and improve sexual function are those that the patient chooses to take to improve a particular area of his life, and they are not an existential necessity and certainly not life-saving drugs.

Hence the dilemma of what to call these preparations - preparations or medicines.

Kamagra in a pharmacy?

Is Kamagra sold in pharmacies?

Another angle through which the issue can be examined is through the question of whether the product known as Kamagra Oral Jelly is sold by pharmacies. Well, there are countries where the answer is yes. The point is that for one reason or another, unlike Viagra, Kamagra does not yet have international standards that allow it to be sold in pharmacies.
From our experience and as far as we know, the product itself is identical in quality and operation to Viagra and even comes with a number of benefits such as ease of use and faster effect, and is manufactured by a reputable and reputable drug company.

Whether it is the fact that Kamagra is manufactured in a developing country in the Far East, or whether in order to maintain a favorable and low price for the consumer - as stated, Kamagra is currently manufactured as a preparation for improving sexual function without European or American standard accepted with similar drugs such as Viagra. For these reasons, you will not find an option to purchase Kamagra at a pharmacy.
This is also the reason why sites that present themselves as 'Kamagra Pharmacy' or carry names such as "Kamagra Pharmacy"Or 'Kamagra Pharm', In fact, they are presenting incorrectly - not because Kamagra can not be called a drug or because it is more dangerous than Viagra, but because as of today, no clinical studies have been conducted using Kamagra. Also and further to that, it still does not get the proper status and deserves it as a drug with the international standards and approvals that allow its sale in pharmacies.

We hope and believe that eventually this situation will change, but these are processes that take time and even several years, while the product, Kamagra, is a relatively new preparation on the drug market for improving sexual function, but in practice it contains the same active ingredients that exist in Viagra, when what is actually meant is sildenafil, which at the beginning was A registered patent of Pfizer and today after the patent has expired, several pharmaceutical companies have picked up the gauntlet to produce what is known as Viagra Generic, which is usually sold at better prices than the original brand and also does not require a prescription from a doctor.

Why is the internet still full of sites such as Kamagra Pharm?

Continuing with the above, there is some confusion among the public as to the nature and quality of the drugs for improving sexual function sold today. Some companies knowingly choose to exploit this confusion to their advantage.
To our understanding, the Internet today is ahead of traditional pharmacies when it comes to selling innovative and / or generic drugs at affordable prices. So is the situation with Kamagra gel. The problem starts when some of those websites claim to be something they are not - for example 'Pharmacy for Sale Kamagra'. This headline may sound good for the confused buyer, but it is actually a beautification of reality and a kind of consumer deception.

Kamagra Israel - How are we different?

BKamagra IsraelFirst, we do not pretend to sell Kamagra in a pharmacy - or present ourselves as a pharmacy or any type of pharmacy or Kamagra Pharm, as this is consumer deception and we advocate maximum transparency.

Kamagra Israel is the first and main importer of Ajanta pharma products in Israel, and that's all we pretend to be. We help our customers obtain the preparation they need for the purpose of improving sexual function. (You as consumers have the duty to conduct market research and the responsibility to choose an importer that provides original preparations).

At Kamagra Israel we provide a preparation with a behavior very similar to Viagra, but Kamagra comes with a price tag that is more convenient for most people, is more convenient to consume, and begins to take effect within 15 minutes and hence the great popularity of the preparation can be understood.


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