Or: Why not find Kamagra at Super Pharm.

Continuing from the previous post in which we explained why Kamagra is not considered a full-fledged drug (a cumbersome process of approvals and clinical trials) - today we will talk about a similar topic: why Kamagra is not sold at Super Pharm.

First of all, we'm glad you asked. First, let's go back to the basics. Kamagra Gel is a preparation for treating impotence problems and improving performance in bed. The drug is essentially similar to drugs such as Viagra, Cialis, and others. Kamagra Gal has unique advantages such as fast exposure time, starting at 10-15 minutes, maximum ease of use, and the ability to obtain the product discreetly without a prescription. Like Viagra, the active ingredient is sildenafil, which belongs to the family of the enzyme inhibitors phosphodiesterase PDE5, and is intended for the treatment of men who suffer from impotence problems and difficulties in achieving and maintaining an erection over time.

Kamagra Gel is manufactured in India by Ajanta-Pharm which is an international pharmaceutical company, whose products are sold all over the world and receive the required standards and approvals. In the case of Kamagra Gel, the company focuses on the domestic market, ie India, and currently does not concentrate its efforts on approving and standardizing the product in Europe and the US, perhaps due to the company's internal preparation for such large-scale production. Moselle can produce a demand for millions of bags of Kamagra gel a day, and that is something to be prepared for. As for Israel, the situation is derived from what is happening in the rest of the Western world, From the pharmacy shelves, including Super Pharm, therefore, there is currently a status quo in which Kamagra Gel is marketed and sold in Israel, but in a limited and controlled manner, in fact only through the Internet, on sites such as Kamagra Israel, Kamagra Pharm, and others.

Does the fact that Kamagra is not sold at Super Pharm indicate a problem?

No, because it is a relatively new product in the world of erection enhancement and sexual performance products. His absence from the shelf mainly indicates the fact that he is a new player on the field, and this actually indicates some of his advantages. Kamagra Gel manages to innovate where the older and more familiar players are less successful. As mentioned, the impact time starts from 10 to 15 minutes. It's very fast compared to about 40 minutes you'll have to wait with other products, and when it comes to preparing for a stormy night, or maybe a spontaneous act in the middle of the day, "scheduling is everything" and no one wants to wait, especially not your partner waiting for you and needing you ready now. hour.

Who is Ajanta-Pharm?

Ajanta-Pharm has many products. Each year about 15 of them receive official approvals for their sale in the United States as regular drugs. This is a growing company, so it's only a matter of time before Kamagra Gel also has the official status of a drug sold in the various pharma chains, and in our opinion also in Super Pharm. It should be understood that the standards and criteria (and bureaucracy) for approving a new drug are very strict and clinical trials are required to allow distribution and sale on a large scale and mass, and currently Kamagra Gel is not there yet, but because it is a generic drug (generic Viagra) and from our deep acquaintance With the product, we can attest that there is no risk in a product that does not naturally exist in products such as Viagra, Cialis and others. Each medicinal product comes with the labels and instructions for use and we recommend that you follow these instructions, in order to avoid unwanted side effects.