Arousal is the experience that occurs when you are sexually activated. When you are activated, your body can undergo physical and emotional changes.

Your penis may be erect and you may feel moisture and tingling on the head of your penis. You can be sexually aroused by sexual stimulation alone or with a partner. It can be caused by sexual fantasies or the experience of intense emotions, or by reading, watching or listening to erotic substances (like porn).

Arousal can occur by stimulating certain areas of the body that react very easily (also called "erogenous zones"). But not necessarily touch is the biggest trigger for attraction and arousal, since as they say, the brain is the biggest penis we have. A feeling of arousal will lead to many bodily reactions. Many of the changes that can happen to the body when you are excited include:

An increase in your sexual urge (sometimes referred to as "libido"). It is felt when you have an urge to be intimate with someone and / or when you wake up emotionally or physically during sex or masturbation. It can also be expressed in sexual thoughts, and dreams of sexual intercourse with a partner. Everyone's sexual urge is unique. That is, there is no "normal" amount of sex - everyone's sexual appetite is different, and can develop and change over time.

Your sexual urge will vary depending on things like stress, medications you are taking and physical, mental and lifestyle effects. Some people tend to have sex every day or more than once a day, and some people rarely or never want to have sex.

Erectile dysfunction products like Fildena or Kamagra only work when you are sexually aroused

Some people need a deep interpersonal relationship with someone to be sexually active (sometimes such people will be bisexual). In contrast, some people do not need an intimate relationship with the person they are having sex with, or are attracted to. And there are also people who do not have a physical attraction to others that can be described as sexual.

If you have a poor sexual desire that bothers or upsets you, you may have something called a sexual appetite disorder. There are many things you can do to enhance your sexual urge if you want to. Some areas of the body have nerve endings that make you feel excited when you touch them - these are the erogenous zones.

The most important erogenous zone for most people is the area of their genitals: vagina, clitoris, labia, vagina, uterus, perineum, penis, scrotum and prostate. Other typical erogenous areas include the breasts and nipples, neck, lips, throat, tongue, back, fingertips, toes, hands, thighs, ear lobes, buttocks and thighs. But the penis and clitoris are usually the most sensitive.

Every area in the body can be called sexual - but they are all different from each other, and so are their erogenous zones. What is important to understand is that for each person it works differently, each of us has our main "weaknesses", places we love the most and are "ignited" by the touch. That's why it's important when you and your partner communicate with them about it.

Stages of sexual response

The first step is to please or "summon" sexual arousal. This can lead to arousal when your body is ready to have sex. Suddenly your heart rate rises, your muscles tighten and your blood rushes to your genitals.

The next step is a process where you are very excited and want to continue the good feeling by masturbating or having sex.

At the end of this process comes orgasm, as the expectation you build is released into a series of muscle spasms that feel very good. Your body produces endorphins - hormones that make you feel comfortable and safe.

Orgasm comes at the end of the sexual response phase, but it can also not appear, or appear in more minor forms than expected. Even in these cases Kamagra gel Can enhance the experience and allow more time of sexual recreation so that the likelihood for both partners to experience orgasm increases significantly.